GiaX Announcing DOCSIS™ Provisioning for its IRIS Gigabit Access over Coax Product Portfolio.

The DOCSIS provisioning capability allows Cable operators and MSOs to provision broadband subscriber services for the IRIS solution using their existing DOCSIS provisioning systems. The advantage is that a deployment of the IRIS solution does not require new tools and processes, it is a transparent fit into existing provisioning solutions.

Giax announces new products for its 10G Ethernet over Coax solution, HelEOS.

Reducing time to market for DAA (Distributed Access Architectures), helping Cable Operators offer Gigabit speeds and reduce total cost of ownership.

GiaX Announcing a 4 port Network Controller for its IRIS Gigabit Access over Coax Product Portfolio.

IRIS provides broadband service providers with the means to re-use the in-building and to the building coaxial networks when deploying fiber to the curb or fiber to the MDU, providing significant OPEX and CAPEX savings whilst executing on symmetrical services well beyond the 1 Gbps.

MaxLinear MxL85110 Virtual Fiber™ SoC Selected by GiaX for 10G Ethernet Coax Cable Overlay Network

GiaX’s HelEOS system is being trialed at a tier-1 European cable MSO demonstrating 10 Gbps symmetrical Ethernet throughput on existing coax in a hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) network