Making Gigabit over Coax a Reality by Leading in Technology Innovation



The IRIS solution revolutionizes the hospitality market by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology, enhancing guest experiences, providing 4K IPTV and Gigabit Broadband, ensuring hotels stay ahead in the digital age of customer service.

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Optical Network

The GiaX Optical products provide Carrier Class Ethernet and PON services. The full fletched Service Provider feature set bring unmatched resiliency, synchronization accuracy, and comprehensive MEF OAM capabilities.                                                            

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The IRIS solution pioneers the MDU broadband sector with its state-of-the-art technology, delivering symmetrical gigabit broadband that guarantees blazing-fast, affordable, and scalable internet for multi-dwelling unit residents.


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GiaX IRIS MDU Solution


Your Partner in Innovative Broadband Solutions

GiaX develops broadband solutions for broadband service providers.

Our objective is to innovate through the use of technology, resulting in solutions that offer a quantifiable value add for our customers.

Close cooperation with our customers is resulting in solutions that provide an innovative means to re-use the existing Coaxial infrastructure. This allows our customers to retain their infrastructure investment and improve service velocity, providing efficiency gains and a quantifiable reduction in both OPEX and CAPEX budgets. Our solutions are optimized to avoid disruption of existing processes, services and infrastructure.

At GiaX we have a relentless dedication to providing customer solutions that are driven by quantifiable business outcomes. We are leading by innovation in technology, bringing Gigabit services over Coax for use cases such as DAA, Mobile backhaul, CBRS, PON, MDU and many more.


- Jörg Hellwig  CEO -

Subscribers using Broadband Services using GiaX Solutions