HelEOS Relay Node

When using HelEOS in a coaxial network that has passives (taps or splitters) or amplifiers, a potential issue is the limited spectrum these can operate in. HelEOS goes well beyond the 3GHz and currently no amplifier is able to deal with this ultra high spectrum, there are taps on the market that go up to 1.8GHz and some vendors are working taps that might be able to get to 3GHz. The HelEOS Relay Node resolves the issue with legacy HFC equipment by bypassing these actives or passives by re-digitizing the HelEOS carriers. This is a digital “amplification” that also increases the distance that the HelEOS solution can operate in.

The HelEOS Relay Node is available in both BK as Compact formfactor (strand mount or street cabinet formfactor).