Deploying IRISTM using exisiting DOCSISTM Provisioning Systems

The IRIS solution provides Broadband Service Providers with a means to re-use the in-building and to the building Coaxial networks when deploying Fiber to the curb or Fiber to the MDU. The IRIS portfolio is an end2end solution with both IRIS Network Controllers and IRIS CPE based on the MoCaTM Access standard. The DOCSIS provisioning capability allows Cable operators and MSOs to provision broadband subscriber services for the IRIS solution using their existing DOCSIS provisioning systems.

Talk Straight Selects GiaX IRIS Broadband Solution.

Talk Straight, a leading regional UK Internet Service Provider, has announced it has selected GiaX™, a leader in innovation for coaxial networks, for deployment of their Broadband Internet Service using the GiaX IRIS™ product portfolio.