Talk Straight Selects GiaX for deployment of their Broadband Services.

Talk Straight, a leading regional UK Internet Service Provider, has announced it has selected GiaX™, a leader in innovation for coaxial networks, for deployment of their Broadband Internet Service using the GiaX IRIS™ product portfolio.

IRIS provides broadband service providers such as Talk Straight with the means to re-use the in-building coaxial networks when deploying Fiber or Wireless Access to the building. As no civil works are required service providers can save significant cost whilst outexecuting competitors on both the service activation time and bandwidth offerings.

IRIS is a natural extension of Fiber and Wireless Access solutions with the ability to offer symmetrical services beyond the 1 Gbps. The IRIS portfolio is an end2end solution with both IRIS Network Controllers (NC) and IRIS CPE. The indoor and outdoor NCs come in a variety of port configurations ranging from 1 to 24 RF ports. Each RF port can host up to 31 IRIS CPE and is suitable for single-family homes as well as MDUs and multi-tenant living, leisure and work environments. The IRIS CPE portfolio offers both modems as well as WIFI enabled home gateways.

"We are using the GiaX IRIS solution to service apartment buildings with our wireless access solution. IRIS fits very well in our multi-tiered bandwidth services portfolio that offers up to 1Gbps services. The installation of IRIS is very straightforward and provides us with a very short time to market at a very interesting cost point.", said David Tindall, CEO, Talk Straight Ltd.”

"We are very happy to have been working with David and his team on this project, it shows IRIS can complement existing solutions and is another tool in the toolkit for Service Providers and Fiber Operators to deploy symmetrical services that can go well beyond the 1 Gbps using the existing in building network infrastructure.", said Jörg Hellwig, CEO and founder of GiaX.

ABOUT Talk Straight Ltd.

Founded in 2007, we are a business at the forefront of communications technology. We were the first to market with VoIP telephony in the early years and continue to lead the field with the introduction of SIP Trunking, Security & Managed Networks for schools and businesses.

Talk Straight provides every type of internet connection available; from dedicated, fully secure Leased Lines, to business grade, superfast broadband, to traditional broadband connections. Our bandwidths fully support the most demanding usage, and our wholesale relationships with all the leading providers, mean we can access the latest technologies, and negotiate the best possible speeds at the best possible prices for your location.

About GiaX

GiaX develops and markets a variety of high-performance and highly reliable products for service providers, MDUs, hospitality and any building with existing coaxial cabling. HelEOS™, which has been adopted by Vodafone Deutschland (press-release), allows cable operators to implement Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) in their network without the massive investment required for extending the fiber network, the solution is also used for mobile backhaul. The company’s IRIS™ product line consists of network controllers and CPE and offers a means to re-use the in-building coax networks to offer symmetrical broadband services well beyond the 1Gbps.

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