IRIS™ Service Enablement Tool

GiaX innovative product-line, IRIS, provides broadband service providers with a means to re-use the in-building and to the building coaxial networks when deploying Fiber to the curb or Fiber to the MDU. Capable of offering well beyond 1 Gbps symmetrical services to subscribers.

The IRIS Service Enablement Tool (SET) is a service and device orchestration tool that can automate the service enablement for IRIS broadband subscribers. It can be integrated in existing provisioning and automation applications through the use of well defined APIs. The application can be run on almost all operating systems and can run in Dockers or Virtual Machines. It is provided as an on-prem and cloud based off-prem service.

The SET provides a means to configure the IRIS Network Controllers as indicated in picture at the right. The type of solution (Mesh or Access) can be configured per port as well as the state of the port. It also provides a clear overview of the current status of the different IRIS Network Controllers and their ports. It is the SET that provides the unique capability to use DOCSIS Provisioning over EPON (DPoE) as a means to provision subscribers serviced by the IRIS Network Controllers. DPoE is allowing the use of existing DOCSIS provisioning tools to provision EPON subscribers, by adopting DPoE IRIS can provide a transparent means to integrate in existing DOCSIS provisioning systems.



In addition to provision the Network Controllers, the IRIS Service Enablement Tool also allows for provisioning, management and monitoring of the IRIS modems. It provides an overview about the status and provisioning state of the modems and the number of modems per Network Controller.


The IRIS SET is providing the ability authorize a modem to use the broadband services and allows the up- and down-stream max bandwidth to be set. The IRIS Network Controller will use its unique traffic shaping capabilities to ensure subscribers are not using any bandwidth beyond their set service tier levels.


The IRIS SET also provides a detailed overview as to the status of the modem, it provides the following statistics;

  • Channel Frequency
  • SNR
  • Receive Power
  • Traffic statistics
  • On-line time and much more.