HelEOS™ solution

HelEOS, a p2p 10G Ethernet overlay solution for Cable Networks

HelEOS provides 10G Ethernet services for Cable networks, it uses the frequency spectrum above the existing services and can operate well beyond the 3GHz. It uses dedicated carriers for up- and down-stream.
The use cases include but are not limited to HFC Virtual Node splits, Distributed Access Architectures such as Remote PHY and Remote Mac Phy, 4G/5G Mobile and CBRS backhaul, distributed PON or FTTX and Business services. HelEOS is a point to point solution that offers high bandwidth services at low latency (below the 10 micro seconds). HelEOS is used by Europe's largest Cable Operator for Remote PHY and Virtual Node split solutions.


HelEOSTM Use Cases

The HelEOS system allows several use cases.
Here a list of the most popular use cases, which we discuss with our customers.

Distributed Access Architectures

HelEOS offers a solution for those operators that are facing business case justification issues due to the cost of digging fiber and/or that are facing time to market issues due to fiber crew availability and/or permit approval delays. HelEOS offers a cost efficient and quick time to market solution when deploying Remote Phy or Remote Mac-Phy.

It offers up to 10Gbps symmetrical bandwidth with extremely low latency (up to 10 micro seconds per hop). Existing amplifiers or Taps can bypassed using a HelEOS Relay or passive bypass. HelEOS has practically no limitations with regard to the distance of the Coaxial trunk cable.

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Mobile Backhaul

The HelEOS solution is very well suited for 4G/5G mobile and CBRS backhaul. It is the only solution on the market that is able to offer single digit micro second latency on a cable network. HeleEOS provides a 10Gbps Ethernet link with symmetrical bandwidth as it uses different carriers for up- and down-stream.

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Distributed PON or FTTX

HelEOS provides Service Providers with a means to deploy distributed PON or FTXX networks using the existing Coaxial network as distribution network. HelEOS operates above the existing DOCSIS or Video services and is able to offer 10 Gbps symmetrical services.

HelEOS is can be deployed in conjunction with the GiaX Ethernet Switches, this unleashes a full fletched service provider feature set such as MEF OAM capabilities.

HelEOS can be deployed as a point 2 point service for FTTX services or a distributed PON OLT, HelEOS is also able to support a PON OLT SFP to drive distributed PON directly out of the HelEOS Gateway.

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