GiaX Cloud Monitoring Tool

The Giax Cloud Monitoring Tool (CMT) is providing a graphical representation of all the statistics available in the IRIS Network Controllers. It is offered as a Cloud based service and provides a detailed trending analysis capability. The trending statistics can be looked at per modem or per network controller. All statistics available that are require to monitor the network are available, statistics such as SNR, RF attenuation, RX power, group delay, frequencies, physical data rate and actual data throughput can all be viewed in graphical representation. The trending capability allows for extended periods of time to be monitored. The tool allows to zoom in on specific areas of interest and can provide a detailed view and correlation between different aspect and data points. It provides a single and immediate view on potential issues and can help troubleshooting customer problems and also provides a means to pro-actively manager customer experience issues, reducing OPEX by preventing customer calls.