Deploying IRISTM using exisiting DOCSISTM Provisioning Systems

The IRIS solution provides Broadband Service Providers with a means to re-use the in-building and to the building Coaxial networks when deploying Fiber to the curb or Fiber to the MDU. The IRIS portfolio is an end2end solution with both IRIS Network Controllers and IRIS CPE based on the MoCaTM Access standard.

The DOCSIS provisioning capability allows Cable operators and MSOs to provision broadband subscriber services for the IRIS solution using their existing DOCSIS provisioning systems. This has the advantage of deploying the IRIS solution without the need for new tools and processes, it is a transparent fit into existing provisioning solutions. This saves time and effort integrating IRIS into existing network architectures and saves the operational hassle of building new provisioning systems. An additional benefit is consistency of service tiers between the DOCSIS and IRIS subscribers as the DOCSIS provisioning capability gives IRIS the unique capability to enforce existing DOCSIS bandwidth service tiers. IRIS is achieving this by using the integrated L3 switching capabilities in the IRIS Network Controller, it can enforce up- and down-stream bandwidth on a per subscriber basis. This Class of Service enforcement can be done using traffic shaping or traffic policing capabilities. The difference between the two is that the policing function is dropping packets whilst the traffic shaping function tries to comply traffic to the service tier settings by delaying the packets in a buffer, this is a software configurable setting.

The GiaX DOCSIS provisioning is based on the DOCSIS Provisioning over EPON specification (DPoETM) and is therefore using standards compliant provisioning. The Service Enablement Tool is a mandatory part of the IRIS solution when using DOCSIS provisioning. The SET is in fact the service orchestrator, applying the service tiers obtained from the DOCSIS provisioning server to the network-controllers whom enforce the settings to each modem.