StadtWerke Bad Nauheim Taps GiaX for Fiber to the Building Broadband

StadtWerke Bad Nauheim GmbH, a German regional Internet Service Provider, has announced it has selected GiaX™, a leader in innovation for coaxial networks, for their Fiber to the Building offering (Network Level 4), using the GiaX IRIS™ product portfolio to enable Broadband services on the existing in building coaxial infrastructure. The selection of the IRIS solution was done in close collaboration between StadtWerke Bad Nauheim and our partner Thüga SmartService GmbH.

IRIS provides broadband service providers such as StadtWerke Bad Nauheim with the means to re-use the in-building coaxial networks when deploying Fiber to the building. As no civil works are required service providers can save significant cost and significantly decreasing the service activation time for symmetrical bandwidth offerings.

IRIS is a natural extension of Fiber solutions with the ability to offer symmetrical services beyond the 1 Gbps. The IRIS portfolio is an end2end solution with both IRIS Network Controllers (NC) and IRIS CPE. The NCs come in both indoor and outdoor options with a variety of port configurations ranging from 1 to 24 RF ports. Each RF port can host up to 31 IRIS CPE and is suitable for single-family homes as well as MDUs and multi-tenant living, leisure and work environments. The IRIS CPE portfolio offers both modems as well as WIFI enabled home gateways.

" The biggest advantage of the IRIS Gigabit In-house Solution is that there is no need to retrofit existing buildings with fiber optic cables, since we can use the existing coaxial cable infrastructure in the buildings. This saves an enormous amount of effort both in terms of costs and time. In addition, the setup is extremely convenient for the customer and without long waiting times.", said Sascha Kammer, Team Leader Broadband Technology, StadtWerke Bad Nauheim.”

"We are excited to be working with StadtWerke Bad Nauheim and Thüga Smartservice. It shows that IRIS can provide a cost-efficient solution for deploying Fiber to the Building broadband services in Network Level 4 projects. IRIS allows StadtWerke Bad Nauheim to enable symmetrical Gigabit Services swiftly without having to wait for in building Fiber upgrades.", said Jörg Hellwig, CEO and founder of GiaX.