RegioNet Schweinfurt Selects GiaX for deployment of their Broadband Services

RegioNet Schweinfurt GmbH, a leading German regional Internet Service Provider, has announced it has selected GiaX™, a leader in innovation for coaxial networks, for deployment of their broadband internet service using the GiaX IRIS™ product portfolio. Together with Stadtwerke Schweinfurt GmbH, RegioNet is expanding the fiber optic network in Schweinfurt and the surrounding area.

IRIS provides broadband service providers such as RegioNet with the means to re-use the in-building coaxial networks when deploying Fiber to the building. As no civil works are required service providers can save significant cost whilst outexecuting competitors on both the service activation time and high-bandwidth offerings.

IRIS is a natural extension of Fiber solutions with the ability to offer symmetrical services beyond the 1 Gbps. The IRIS portfolio is an end2end solution with both IRIS Network Controllers (NC) and IRIS CPE. The NCs come in both indoor and outdoor options with a variety of port configurations ranging from 1 to 24 RF ports. Each RF port can host up to 31 IRIS CPE and is suitable for single-family homes as well as MDUs and multi-tenant living, leisure and work environments. The IRIS CPE portfolio offers both modems as well as WIFI enabled home gateways.

“Today`s gigabit bandwidth requirements typically require housing associations and homeowners associations to deploy fiber into the buildings, yet the cost is often prohibitive to do so, whilst at the same time using the existing copper wire infrastructure is unable to deliver gigabit services. The GiaX IRIS solution solves these problems, it provides a high level of flexibility using different frequency bands that allowed us to keep existing digital TV services in place.", said Sebastian Landgraf, Head of Broadband Engineering, Stadtwerke Schweinfurt GmbH 

"We are proud to have been working with the RegioNet team, it shows IRIS can complement existing solutions and is able to deploy symmetrical Gigabit services that can go well beyond the 1 Gbps using the existing in building coax network infrastructure.", said Jörg Hellwig, CEO and founder of GiaX.”Thanks to the agility in our IRIS solution, we were able to fit into the available frequency spectrum (550Mhz to 1050Mhz).”