GiaX Wins Vodafone Deutschland 10GE Coax Overlay Deal.

Erlangen, Germany, May 21th, 2019  

GiaX, a German technology startup bringing Innovation to coaxial networks, is proudly announcing a major customer win with Vodafone Deutschland. Vodafone will be using the HelEOSTM solution for the deployment of its innovative GIGA HFC Cable Infrastructure solution, allowing Vodafone to increase the speed and efficiency of delivering its 1 Gbit/s services to their 12.6 million residential customers.

At GiaX we have developed the HelEOSTM solution to help Cable operators execute on the promise of Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) without the massive investments in extending the fiber network. How? By re-energizing the existing coax network, using it as a 10G Ethernet distribution network for DAA, preventing time and money spend digging fiber to re-segment service groups, providing a virtual node split solution that allows you to push the DAA remote device deeper into the network without the associated cost of digging fiber.

The BK German specific version of the GiaX HelEOSTM solution is being brought to market in partnership with WISI Communications GmbH & Co. KG.

“Thanks to the technical solution from WISI and GiaX, we will be able to provide our customers with an upgrade of our high-performance cable network to gigabit speeds by 2021 in a very cost-effective and timely manner. What was important for our decision for WISI was that in addition to the cost savings provided by the upgrade, we could continue to use the existing infrastructure of the BK network” said Dr. Thomas Kühne, Head of Network Engineering, Fixed Access Network, Vodafone Deutschland in a German press release from WISI communications on the 21st of May.

“GiaX is proud to be working on the GIGA HFC project together with Vodafone Deutschland and WISI”, said Jörg Hellwig, CEO and founder of GiaX. “The HelEOSTM product family, a GiaX innovation, allows cable operators such as Vodafone to re-use the existing coax network, re-energizing that network to offer standard based 10G Ethernet backhaul capabilities for deployment of Distributed Access Architectures such as Remote Phy. 

If you would like to learn more about Giax and its innovative solutions, please come visit us at the ANGACOM 2019, hall 8 booth T21.

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