HelEOS™ solution

HelEOS a 10G Ethernet overlay system for the HFC access networks

In frequencies above 1.x Ghz the HelEOS system, is transferring point to point up to 10 Gbps upstream and 10 Gbps downstream of Ethernet data. It is designed to work parallel to existing DVB-C and DOCSIS installations and is accessing higher frequencies through a special diplexer.



The HelEOS system allows several use cases. Here a list of the most popular use cases, which we discuss with our customers.

1st Virtual Node Split

The ethernet data transported over coax by the HelEOS system is used to feed a remote phy device (RPD). This allows the MSO to do a DOCSIS virtual node split without the need to dig fiber and inject fresh DOCSIS narrowcast at the RPD location. No need to change customer CPE or different provisioning systems. The HelEOS system just behaves like a fiber link. This is much faster and more cost effective than fiber digging.

2nd Mobile Backhaul

The HelEOS system is designed for mobile backhaul. With support of synchronous Ethernet, 1588v2 and a close to single digit micro seconds delay per hop mobile 4G/5G backhaul over coaxial cable is now possible. Metro Ethernet Forum operations and maintenance OAM type functionality of the HelEOS system will also be of use for the mobile operator.


3rd Business Customer Access

Business customer could now be offered symmetrical Ethernet services with low delay over coaxial links. And it is still an overlay network, so the DVB-C and DOCSIS servers in the frequencies below will continue to operate as before.

Two options for a business customer access are possible, one where HelEOS is doing the Ethernet backhaul in between locations. So the last few hundred feet or meter are new fiber or wireless.

The second option is to use HelEOS over the last mile. In this case the used taps on the way to the business customer have to be exchanged to support the higher frequencies the HelEOS system operates in. Tests showed that multiple symmetrical gigabit servers would be possible to offer over coaxial links.


There are three product versions in the HelEOS solution

1st a Gateway Node (GN) that is the gateway between fiber Ethernet and the HF signal.

2nd a Relay Node (RN) is doing a full digital refresh of the HF signal.

3rd a Switch Node (SN) that allows meshed architecture

More information on the different systems can be found under the products tab.