Management Team GiaX

CEO – Jörg Hellwig

Company founder and CEO Jörg Hellwig is a graduate in communications engineering with 25 years of experience in telecommunications.

Closely involved in the early days of the expansion of the broadband cable infrastructure in Germany whilst working for Bundespost (Telekom). Jörg has a degree in communications engineering and has done a thesis on the development of an Ethernet communication module for Siemens AG, Erlangen.

Jörg also worked on the development of microprocessor-controlled communication and control modules for Siemens

Between 1993-2015 he worked at Cisco Systems as a sales leader with focus on internet service providers, alternative carriers (including MobilCom and Vodafone). Jörg was part of the team developing the emerging cable market with a revenue responsibility of US $ 95 million.

From his interactions with customers and based on the experience he gained from cable networks and mobile networks the product idea for “HelEOS” was born.

CTO – Holger Stadali

Holger Stadali, Dipl. Ing, is responsible for the ongoing technical product development at GiaX. As Technical Group Leader, he had successfully completed various development projects and system designs at the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits in Erlangen over the past 13 years.

CMO and Sales – Daniel Etman

Daniel is a long time Cable industry executive living in Belgium who has worked at some of the major vendors in the industry. At Cisco`s Service Provider Group he has led the WW Cable Product Marketing team as well as the APAC and EMEAR regional Product management and Bus Dev teams for SP Routing and Cable. At Casa Systems he has led the WW Sales Engineering team. Being part of the executive leadership at both companies, he has been closely involved in the strategy definition for Cable Access architectures.